Fashion Update

Clara Kasavina - As Celebrated By Artist Anya Rubin

Clara Kasavina handcrafted accessories evolve from a journey. Dreamed up by Clara, hand sculpted by Husband Misha Berger, and now commemorated by acclaimed artist and daughter Anya Rubin.

Conceived to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Clara & Misha for Clara Kasavina,              Anya Rubin’s artwork is a representation of the details, the luxury and the fantasy of  which comes from owning a unique and dazzling Clara Kasavina piece.

The artwork, which was featured on, is intricately assembled with the most delicate of details. Hundreds of images collected from Clara Kasavina jewels, settings and exotic skins are placed as if from a puzzle, in a mosaic-like pattern to exude the essence of the Clara Kasavina woman. Each of Anya’s artwork represents a category of Clara Kasavina, from bridal, exotic skins or metal work, bringing to life Clara’s inspiration of timeless beauty, elegance and class. Hand laid images of metal pieces, crystals, exotic skins and lux fabrics meld together to fuse an enigmatic flow, as if the heroine’s dress came to life and was fluttering in the wind.

Anya has always been involved in some way with the family business. As Anya grew up, she became enamored with her parents craft and would often visit them in the factory applying crystals to jewelry and belt buckles, and later to design necklaces for her mother out of silks, metals and crystals. In the 90's she began working on the business side, becoming the VP of sales and elevating the business to another level. Once Anya became a mother of triplets, she began to paint and delve into her artistic side once more.

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