Picks for Beyonce's Blue Ivy by Peggy Healy

Suddenly, it’s a blue, blue. blue, blue world. (Well, Earth always was blue from the moon.) Just ask Beyoncé and her hubby, Jay-Z, who named their brand-new baby Blue Ivy. Or Clara Kasavina, co-creator with her husband, sculptor Misha Berger, of the eponymous line of collectible evening hand bags and designer jewelry.

Clara and Misha have infused their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection with the freshest blues of the season. “We’re in the mood for blue, Sweetheart, not a blue mood,” confided Clara Kasavina, smiling. “We love all the shades -- baby blue, robin’s egg blue, aqua, sapphire. Our inspiration? We’ve taken our cues from fashion, travel, design history, Pop Art and pop culture.”  And speaking of pop culture, wasn’t that Beyoncé posing regally in Essence wearing Clara Kasavina’s cool as ice silver choker?

Thumb through the Clara Kasavina web site (I know, I know, it’s digital, but your thumb’s a digit, too) and see how many blue creations you can count.  I’ve found at least a half a dozen, but here’s one I just adore:

Clara Kasavina’s Swan Princess.  The frame of this romantic yet modern, baby blue python evening handbag is encrusted with Swarovski crystals so intricately set they conjure Kate Middleton’s Cartier tiara. The name comes from the charming clasp -- a pair of opposing swans wrought of crystals. Pretty silver chain straps are also inset with Swarovski diamanté. Wear it as a dazzling entrance accessory to your next party and swan around like a princess. Or like Beyoncé. They’ll be kneeling at your feet.