The Fabulous Red-Carpet Evening Bags and Fashion Jewelry of Clara Kasavina Continue to Influence Design by Peggy Healy

And, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Clara Kasavina and her husband and design partner Misha Berger are very very flattered. Original Misha designs, such as the “Infinity Bracelet” from 1988, have been widely imitated.  In the recent issue of Harper’s Bazaar, one of Kate Moss’ favorite things is a bracelet that is only slightly different from Misha’s. A far bigger difference is the price tag – more than $2000, whereas Misha’s Infinity Bracelet, a study in sculptural modernity, is selling in a silver-plated version on Amazon.com for only $212.

We daresay a number of Misha’s designs have influenced the work of Lynn Ban.  A cuff featured in Elle Magazine recalls Misha’s Infinity Bracelet and her Large Propeller seen in InStyle doubtless drew inspiration from Misha’s Helen Cuff, but Lynn’s is far more expensive.

Misha was a sculptor in the Ukraine whose work could be seen in museums there.  When he immigrated to the US in the 1980’s, he brought with him a fresh mindset with no outside influences.  He had been to no stores, read no magazines or watched any television when he set about designing jewelry.  The designs he created sprang from his heart, and are so classic, Clara Kasavina has re-introduced them.  The Infinity Cuff, the Ivy Cuff (looking stunning in the April edition of Vogue on the arm of Jennifer Lopez) and the Helen Cuff are perfect collectibles that will never go out of style. Do you own one?