Metropolitan Opera Collection

High drama. Stunning sets. Sublime music. Celestial voices. These are the hallmarks of New York's legendary Metropolitan Opera.  Who is not swept away by the opera house itself with its grand staircases and glittering, fanciful Swarovski crystal chandeliers, a commemorative gift of the Austrian government when the new Met opened at Lincoln Center?

Clara Kasavina and her husband and design partner, Misha Berger, adore the opera, one of the cultural threads that informs their oeuvre of award-winning red carpet evening bags and fashion jewelry.

"A night at the opera, Verdi's Masked Ball, say, or Traviata, stirs the passions, darling, and is so transporting, isn't it?" Clara says, throwing her eyes to heaven. "It's one of our favorite ways to be entertained."

Why not take home a perfect souvenir of such an emotionally engaging evening? You can, you know, if you're an opera buff, here's a secret.  Clara Kasavina has created a Metropolitan Opera Collection. Own a piece of Met history with one-of-a-kind Clara Kasavina purses, which have been hand made using the actual golden silk brocade fabric of one of the Met's original curtains, and also features  crystals from an original Met Opera chandelier in its clasps.


The bags and jewelry can be found at the opera shop on the north end of the ground floor,  What perfect Christmas or Channukah gifts for lovers of Bizet and Puccini and Mozart! While you're at it, get one for yourself, too, so you can flaunt your opera savvy next time you get dressed to kill.

If you can't get to the Opera,  visit the Met Opera Shop online  http://www.metoperashop.org/all-products/browse/keyword/clara-kasavina to shop the Clara Kasavina collection.