Simpler Navigation and Larger Visuals Showcase Clara Kasavina Evening Bags and Fashion Jewelry

Nina Cuff
Leonid Gurevich

NEW YORK, NY (10/11/2015) Clara Kasavina, the award-winning designer of collectible, high-end evening bags and fashion jewelry, has re-launched her website to better showcase her creations and to make shopping for them online more user friendly. “I not only wanted better close-ups of my designs,” she said, “but I wanted to show customers how pieces have been worn or could be worn either layered or dressed up or down.” The new website designed by Marksmen Studio includes designs that have appeared on the runway, on numerous celebrities, in fashion publications or in fashion ads. Above, Clara’s Nina Cuff, set with a plethora of differently-shaped Swarovski® Elements, is shown to advantage on the arm of a model in a shimmery cocktail dress. The fabulous vignette was styled and shot by sought-after fashion photographer Leonid Gurevich.

Nicolai Bag

Another example is the Nicolai, an exquisite evening bag that combines the world’s most beloved shape – the egg – with up-to-the-minute laser-cut leather bordered by two glittering layers of golden Swarovski® Elements and double layers of smaller Swarovski crystals. On the website all its myriad details can be clearly seen as in the photograph to the right. It appeared recently in Italian Vogue in a provocative vignette where a veiled woman draped in fur is seated in a limousine clutching the Nicolai bag in her lap. The viewer can only imagine why she is turning away from the gentleman knocking on the car window.

Italian Vogue

Clara Kasavina designs have been worn on the red carpet by numerous celebrities, including Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Lake Bell, Shakira, Heather Graham and Catherine Zeta-Jones, among others. The re-launched web site shows the stars wearing pieces by Clara Kasavina. Here, Beyoncé wears a silver necklace named after her. The Beyoncé is a highly architectural choker design and comes in gold as well.

Beyonce Necklace